FREE Testing @ Pride


Because Knowledge Is Power....Because Early Detection Is Key...Because You Deserve to Take Control of Your Health...we will be offering free rapid HIV testing with no blood or needles at The 2012 Kentuckiana Pride Festival on Friday, June 15th from 8:30pm - 10:30pm and Saturday, June 16th from noon until 10:00pm.  The mobile units will be located just before the festival entrance gate on the Belvedere ramp at 5th and Main Streets in downtown Louisville.


  • Free Admission to Kentuckiana Pride Festival granted to the first 150 people who get tested for an HIV

  • Free rainbow condom bead necklace to everyone who gets tested

  • Free rapid HIV Testing with OraQuick in an air-conditioned mobile unit

  • Free Safer Sex Supplies

  • Free STD, Safer Sex Advice and Counseling

One reason we're here on earth is to look after one another. No one has a right to do to you anything to you that threatens your health, and you don't have a right to do anything that threatens someone else's health. You deserve a long, healthy, happy and proud life. Part of that process is taking responsibility to prevent further cases of STD's in our community.

Rub this across your gums.

Believe it or not,

you've just taken an accurate test for HIV.

Are you positive you're negative?  Find out with Rapid HIV Testing

OraQuick:  No Names.  No Blood.  No Needle.  Just Accurate Results!

The OraQuick ADVANCE® Rapid HIV-1/2 Antibody Test takes only 20 minutes. 

Just open up and say "Ahhhhh!"  Clients insert the collection pad at the end of the OraQuick device (seen to your right) inside the front of their mouth and gently swab once, around your upper and lower outer gums in the front of your mouh.  The specimen that's collected on the pad is all that's needed. 

Based on the results from a large controlled clinical trial, the OraQuick® Rapid HIV Antibody testing is more than 98% accurate!