got latex? Got Latex?

You want condoms?
Not comfortable buying them from the store or pharmacy?
No cash on ya?
Where in Louisville can you get High-Quality FREE CONDOMS???

Free CondomsLatex Delivery System
The Latex Delivery System, a condom distribution program run by prevention staff and volunteers, provides free condoms to all of the following Louisville Gay Bars:


The Connection
The Connection
120 South Floyd Street
(502) 585-5752

209 South Preston Street
(502) 583-6395

Teddy Bears
Teddy Bears
1148 Garvin Place
(502) 589-2619


208 E. Burnett Ave

(502) 614-5189


If you are unsure where the condom bin is located in your favorite bar, just ask a bartender.

You can also find free condoms at: