Experiment: You do like to experiment don't you?

Now-a-days condoms come in as many varieties as breakfast cereals! Here's just some of the different varieties and styles of condoms. Place your pointer over each image for more information.

SO, if you've tried a condom and had a bad experience, then try another style or brand. Just like cereal, some folks like Cheerios® and others like Fruity Pebbles®... experiment with condoms and find out which is best for you!

Some guys have never learned how to use condoms. It's one thing to see it being done and another to try it. You learned how to have sex, so it's never to late to learn how to do it safely.

HIV Prevention means always using condoms. You can still enjoy HOT Safer Sex and protect your life and the life of your partner. Condoms, when used properly, are 98% effective BUT they can only protect you if you use them consistently and correctly!

Are condoms foolproof?
No. Neither are seatbelts, helmets, vaccines, or people. But in the real world we drive to work, vaccinate our children, and hope to get through the day unscathed. No disease prevention strategy is ever perfect, and all strategies depend on the skills and knowledge of the user.

This may all seem like a lot to remember and to do, but once you get used to it, it's no big deal. Practice makes perfect. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Pretty soon it's second nature. Like taking off your clothes, it’s part of having sex.

Some guys think sex with condoms is boring, doesn't feel as good, take too much time and fuss or distracts from the moment. Other guys say condoms make them last longer, keep them harder and turn them on just using condoms. It's all in the way you look at it.
Relax, it's only your future we're talking about.
Condoms: Usin' 'Em
Unless you've been asleep for the past 30 years, you can probably recite the "condom mantra" in your sleep. But a lot of men don't use them consistently, and some guys are confused about the so-called "End of AIDS." So if you've tossed out your rubbers or are thinking about it, here's our Top Four countdown on why condoms are still a guy's best bet.