Tips for using a Male Condom

Tips for using a "FC2" for Male To Male Sex

 otherwise known as "The Female Condom"


Tips on Condom Storage

Do Not Store Condoms In: Direct Sunlight / In your wallet / In your glove compartment / Near Extreme Temperatures 


Do Keep them close to you and nearby! You're more likely to practice safer sex if and when the opportunity presents itself you have easy access to them!



  Tips for using a Male Condom

  • The condom comes rolled up in a small package.

  • Condoms are required to be individually wrapped with an expiration number on each condom. First check the expiration date and make sure the condom is not expired. If it is, discard it and get a new one.

  • Teeth, fingernails or sharp objects (likes keys or scissors) can damage the condom.

  • Open the package carefully, tearing the wrapper down the side, not the middle. Most condoms have a small slit or notch on the corner which you can use to tear it open.

  • Once you have taken it out of the package, look to see which way it unrolls.

  • Put condom on as soon as the penis is hard and erect.

  • For extra sensitivity, add a drop of water-based lubricant to the inside of tip of the condom.

  • Don't "double-bag" it! Using more than one condom can cause friction which can break down the condom and cause it to break.

  • Squeeze the top of the condom between your thumb and first finger to keep air out.

  • Leave about 1/2 inch of room at the tip. This allows space to catch the semen, so the condom won't break.

  • Hold the condom against the head of the penis.

  • Use your other hand to carefully unroll the condom over the penis, all the way down to the base.

  • Apply a liberal amount of water-based lubricant to the condom. (Even if it is a lubricated condom, there is not enough. You will need to add more lube.)

  • After ejaculation, take the penis out while it is still hard.

  • Hold the rim of the condom around the base of the penis as it is pulled out. This will keep the condom from slipping off prematurely.

  • Be careful not to spill any semen.

  • Make sure the penis is away from your partner's body before you remove the condom.

  • Never use a condom more than once.

  • Dispose of the condom properly. (Note: Do not flush! A condom can clog plumbing.)

How to put a condom on with your mouth




Tips for using FC2 Condoms for Male To Male Sex  

(otherwise known as "The Female Condom" or "Reality" condoms)


Why use a FC2?

Some men have problems with condoms.  If you do, you may have found that these problems have encouraged you to engage in anal sex without a condom.  Unless you always use condoms for anal sex, you could be exposing yourself and your sexual partners to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.  Perhaps you have difficulty in getting conventional condoms on because they are too tight or wonít go over the head of your penis, or because they are too loose.  Perhaps they wonít stay on, due to the shape of your penis, or you or your partner goes soft when trying to get them on.  Some men say that condoms reduce sensitivity, that putting them on interrupts spontaneity, or that they have split during sex.  If you have experienced any of these difficulties, you may want to experiment with using a FC2.  They are an alternative to conventional condoms.

How to use them

First remove the loose flexible inner ring inside the FC2 Condom.  Getting a FC2 Condom in can take some practice.  It comes with some lubricant on it, but you will need more; put some outside and inside the FC2 Condom and some on the anus.  The receptive partner (sometimes called the "bottom") can put it in, or the penetrating partner (sometimes called the "top") can slide it over his penis just before anal sex.  More lube should be applied to the penetrating partner's penis.  When having anal sex, the penetrating partner should be careful to ensure that his penis has gone inside the FC2 Condom and not into the anus alongside it.  Remember to use lots of extra lubricant inside, or he may find that his penis clings to the FC2 Condom rather than slides in and out of it.


If you use a FC2 Condom the penetrating partner does not have to pull out immediately after ejaculating as he should with the conventional condom.  He can go soft while inside and the FC2 Condom can be removed when it suits you both.  To remove a FC2 Condom, twist the outer ring to keep the semen inside and then gently pull.  FC2 Condom should not be reused and should be thrown away once removed.  Do not put flush any condoms down the toilet.  Some people have found that when FC2 Condoms are used the sensitivity is heightened for the penetrating partner.
FC2 Condoms are made from polyurethane; this means they are not damaged by oil based lubricants, (to ensure that you donít inadvertently use the wrong lubricant with conventional condoms, some people advise that you stick to your standard water based lube if you continue to use condoms as well as FC2 Condoms).  For anyone who likes to massage before sex, FC2 Condoms are likely to be a safer alternative, as massage oils will not harm them.  Remember the anus is very sensitive and that some lubricants can cause irritation Ė check you are not allergic to a lubricant before you use it.

Are FC2 Condoms approved for anal sex?

The FC2 Condom hasnít undergone any specific scientific testing to determine its suitability, but currently, there is no reason to believe that FC2 Condoms should be any less reliable than stronger condoms. It is worth remembering that there is not a standard for any condom for anal sex, and that stronger condoms are advised because men find that they break less often.  It is up to you to decide whether to try FC2 Condoms before any large scale studies have taken place.

What are FC2 Condoms?
The FC2 Condom was developed as an alternative to the latex condom, with the benefit that it could be put in before sex, thereby giving women more control over contraception and safer sex.  It can be best described as a lightly lubricated bag with an inner and an outer ring, the inner ring being removable and the outer being fixed.  The outer ring ensures FC2 Condom does not slide inside.

Are FC2 Condoms reusable?
No, FC2 Condoms should only be used once, then thrown into a trash bin.

Where can I get FC2 Condoms?

FC2 Condoms can be purchased from many drug stores and some supermarkets.  They are typcially more expensive than latex condoms however, they are available free from Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness HIV Prevention Services at 850 Barret Avenue on the 3rd Floor.  You can also obtain FC2 condoms from Volunteers of America by calling (502) 574-5373.