Drug Information

Alcohol and other drugs cloud your judgment, impairing your ability to play safe.  If you want to have sex and stay in control; postpone sex until you and your partner are sober.  If you are one of the many in our community struggling with addiction, you might find this section of our web site helpful.  Here you'll find information on drugs, a listing of drug treatment centers in the Kentuckiana area, and information on harm reduction methods like the best way to clean needles and syringes, safer injecting and vein care. 


Click on the image below to learn facts on substances at the US Drug Enforcement Administration website:

Did you know?

Smoking Is Expensive!

One pack a day = $3.50
One week = $24.50
One month = $98.00
One year = $1176.00
It's a lot of money.
Are you sure you want it going up in smoke?

There are many reasons to stop smoking.  Your health, your life and your loved ones.  You significantly reduce your risk of cancer, stroke, heart and lung diseases.

Your circulation improves, you can smell and test things better, and you breathe easier.  How many reasons do you need? 


Quitting can be difficult but there is help available. 

Stop Smoking classes begin soon.


If you live in the Louisville Metro Health Department area, click here or call (502) 574-STOP.


If you live outside the Louisville Metro area, call Kentucky's Tobacco Quit Line at 1-800-QUIT NOW.


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