Welcome.  Friend to Friend provides sexual health information, referrals to area resources, answers, insight and support for Louisville's M4M community. We're concerned community members dedicated to educating our friends on HIV/AIDS and other STD's and how to prevent new cases.  Members are trained on the HIV and how to talk with their friends about prevention, an often difficult and awkward subject to discuss with peers.

Our website was originally launched on December 1, 1998 to celebrate and commemorate The 11th Annual World AIDS Day. We're very excited about this opportunity to bring our message of STD Prevention and Education to the Internet. We're glad you're here and hope you'll find this site a helpful and educational resource.


Disclaimer Notice:  HIV is primarily spread through sexual contact with an infected person and by sharing contaminated syringes, needles, cotton, cookers, and other injecting drug use equipment with someone who is infected. If you would be offended by prevention messages that would discuss these practices, please leave this website immediately.