Safer Sex for Guys Who Have Sex With Guys

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The only truly "safe" sex is no sex. Although condoms are highly effective in reducing the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STD's), only total abstinence will absolutely keep you safe. STD's are passed from person to person in many different ways. The information below is intended primarily to prevent transmission of HIV and Hepatitis A & B. Items are listed in relative order of risk, with the safest things first.

With abstinence you can still snuggle, have a picnic, walk through a park arm in arm, spend time together, go dancing, whisper sweet things, watch a movie. get the idea? (Be romantic).
Other perfectly safe things are phone sex, cyber sex and self masturbation (no, you won’t go blind).
Hugging, massaging and dry kissing are very safe. "Humping” (between the thighs or armpits) is very safe if you don't have broken skin. Some people call this “Outercourse.” Clever.
Masturbating each other is safe if you don't have broken skin. Avoid getting semen in your eyes or mouth. To reduce your risk, remember: “On me, not in me.”
Use of clean sex toys (dildo, etc.) with condoms or toys that are not shared by partners is safe.
Licking the anus (“Rimming”) is fairly “HIV safe” if there is no blood. But you can get other germs this way. Cover the anus with a piece of latex first. You can split a condom open or use a dental dam for this.
Sucking the penis without a condom is a little more risky. Don’t put the head of the penis in your mouth. Use a condom to avoid semen. Don’t tear or bite the condom. Use mouthwash instead of brushing or flossing before oral sex.
Putting fingers, hands, or objects into the anus can cause bleeding. Avoid contact with blood. Risk of infection increases if semen comes into contact with the bleeding area.  Use of latex gloves can help reduce your risk.
For guys that also have sex with women: vaginal intercourse with a condom still carries some level of risk. Condoms can break or slip off. But if used right, condoms can greatly improve the safety.
Anal intercourse with a condom is still a bit risky because condoms can break and the anus is easy to tear. You can be exposed to blood or semen. But condoms used correctly provide a lot of protection.
For guys that also have sex with women: vaginal intercourse without a condom is very dangerous for the woman. There is also significant risk to you (especially for other STD's). This is a sure way to be exposed to bodily fluids that transmit HIV.
Anal intercourse without a condom is most dangerous because the anus is easily damaged. (Of course, being on the “bottom” is the most dangerous!) This is a good way to be exposed to blood or semen. Keep this up, and chances are you’ll be going to the clinic. Enough said?