Syphilis is a serious threat to our community health.  Health Officials have noted a dramatic rise in Syphilis infections in Louisville, particularly among MSM (Men who have Sex with Men).  In the last 5 years there has been an astounding 1075% increase in Syphilis cases among MSM in Jefferson County.  This is something to be concerned about because you could have syphilis and not know it.  MSM now account for 94% of Syphilis Infections in Jefferson County.  67% of Louisville MSM who were recently diagnosed with Syphilis were also HIV positive.

We care about everyone in our community and hope that together we can raise awareness and take action to keep all Louisvillians healthy.

A task force of state and local governments, non-profit agencies, businesses and community organizations are working to get the word out about the outbreak, to educate the public, to offer testing and treatment for this curable but potentially fatal disease. On this site you will find information on Syphilis, where you can find answers, obtain free testing and treatment.

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