Catching Syphilis on the Net

As more men in Louisville meet their sex partners online, we have noticed more instances of men who become infected with STD's and the commonality is they met online. Recently men interviewed who have contracted Syphilis have reported meeting men in the Louisville Room of Gay.Com and AOL's LouisvilleKYM4M chatroom. In other states, entire Syphilis Outbreaks have been traced back to Internet chatrooms.

We urge those who use the net to meet sexual partners to remember that just as the Internet facilitates the ability to meet many men, it is also easy to be exposed to many STD's. Some like Syphilis, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia have cures, and some like HIV, Herpes, Hepatitis and HPV cannot be cured.

Please use caution and protect your health and the health of our community.