Rub this across your gums.

Believe it or not,

you've just taken an accurate test for HIV.

Are you positive you're negative?  Find out with Rapid HIV Testing

OraQuick:  No Names.  No Blood.  No Needle.  Just Accurate Results!

The OraQuick® Rapid HIV Antibody Test takes only 20 minutes. 

Just open up and say "Ahhhhh!"  Clients insert the collection pad at the end of the OraQuick device (seen to your right) inside the front of their mouth and gently swab once, completely around both upper and lower outer gums.  The specimen that's collected on the pad is all that's needed. 

Based on the results from a large controlled clinical trial, the OraQuick® Rapid HIV-1 Antibody test was shown to be 99.6% accurate for positive (reactive results) and 100.0% accurate on negative (non-reactive) results.

OraQuick is intended primarily for outreach purposes to reach high risk targeted populations.  Anonymous rapid HIV testing is provided free of charge by Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness HIV Prevention Services and Volunteers of America's STOP Program on a limited basis. 



We offer OraQuick at various venues during the year throughout the community.  Check out the announcements page on this site to see if there are upcoming field testing events which you could be tested at.  If certain requirements are met, HIV Prevention Specialists can collect the OraQuick specimen sample in the field so you don't have to come to the office to get tested.  Over the past year, we've offered OraQuick testing onsite at the Kentuckiana Pride Festival, Tryangles, Teddy Bears, The Connection, UofL's Common Ground, in some area schools and churches and many more locations.  


We cannot share your test results with anyone other than you.  You will not receive a printed copy of your OraQuick test results because OraQuick is an anonymous test.  If you want or need a printed copy of your HIV status, we suggest you obtain a confidential blood test from Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness Specialty Clinic instead.  OraQuick testing is currently not offered at the Louisville Metro Health Department Specialty Clinic. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Click here to read the manufacturer's response to recent news concerning OraQuick results.

Click here to read the OraQuick Patient Information Pamphlet (PDF).

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